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Your plugin is beautifull. It’s free, and this makes it more awesome!

BUT! I don’t know, if the mistake is mine, because of a big structure (a lot of custom post types), but i think that more probably that tha mistake is yours.


My struct:

– posts, pages

– works (by Magic FIelds 2) archive page made in theme folder and the url by category permalink set

– wpcr_view_reviews (by plugin Customer reviews)

– Contacts Form 7 (by plugin)


Also I use plugin HyperComments wich doesn’t want to work normal with your comment system, but it’s ok, i disable comments.

And Permalink Finder.


So I create page and link it “qanda-page” for questions main slug is “qanda”. 5 post per page. total 17 questions

When i click on pagination right button and open in new tab >3 page link redirects from “qanda” to “quanda-page”, i figured out that if you set questions per page as default 10, than everything would work fine.


So just look throught your code for mistakes around pagination and posts pre page variable.


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answered 10 years ago

Please send me your site for further checking.

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