asked 4 years ago

There are some areas of this plugin that I need to change and I see most of the files for the front end are found in:


Two problems. First… I can’t see how these templates are used. For example:

dwqa_load_template( 'content', 'single-question' )

does not fetch


In fact, I can delete that PHP file entirely, and the question is still displayed.
Secondly, ideally, I’d like to create 


and have done this. And it appears to be selected in the plugin settings. But again, edits to the specific file above are not reflected anywhere, yet the containing code isn’t found elsewhere in the theme.

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answered 4 years ago

At the moment, you can create the dwqa-template/styles/default folder in the wp-content/themes/your-theme folder and copy/paste the template files from the DW Q&A plugin into the dwqa-template/styles/default folder to custom.

replied 3 years ago

I have created the directories in my theme and also copied the files and also checked the permission. Nothing works.

Dominic Staff
replied 3 years ago

Which version are you using?
With the free version, you can copy/paste the files into the dwqa-template folder.
About the Pro version, you can copy/paste the files into dwqa-template/styles/default folder and select the default style in the Dashboard > Questions > Settings.

replied 3 years ago

I am using DW Question and Answer Pro Version 1.2.5 with WordPress 5.6.1 .
And I am using style Flat.
I have created directories like this in my theme directory
* wp-content/themes/beetle-child/dwqa-templates/styles/default/question-submit-form.php
* wp-content/themes/beetle-child/dwqa-templates/styles/flat/style.css

Then I tried with the free version directory structure and its working.
* wp-content/themes/beetle-child/dwqa-templates/question-submit-form.php

Do I need to activate my plugin for a premium version like providing any key or somewhat.

Dominic Staff
replied 3 years ago

It is not necessary for you to provide a key.

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