Code Cat
asked 3 years ago

I noticed that on your blog you’re using DWQA for your blog discussions instead of comments. How did you do this?

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

At the moment, the plugin does not support to Replace blog comment with DWQA questions. Also, we do not use the DW Q&A instead of the comments, Can you send me a screenshot for further checking or give me an URL.

Code Cat
replied 3 years ago

there is a questions tab on this page

Dominic Staff
replied 3 years ago

This is a custom tab will show all the question of the product via question tag. And user can not submit question from this tab or use this tab as a comment box as you mentioned here. If you want to show this tab as our site, we are ready to help you custom it in your site with a charge of fee.

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