Len Braumberger
asked 3 months ago

I have read the thread here and used the code to remove the social media on the eft hand side of posts. As the others in the thread said, your suggested coding (added CSS) removes the social media but the it continues the fill width of the post body so that it just overlaps the right hand side bar. i just want it to be justified to the left hand margin, but using 100% width of the body space. Can you please provide this correction?

2 Answers
answered 3 months ago

Please send me the username & password of your site for further checking. We will help you resolve this issue now.

answered 3 months ago

Thanks Dominic. I have figured out this issue by reading some of the threads. It was a bit unclear, so you may want to repost this with a more clear description and up to date instructions. Now if you could please direct me as to how I can change the width of the columns in the POST for the business template I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Dominic Staff
replied 2 months ago

Please send me your site URL for further checking.

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