Chris Arnold
asked 5 years ago

My single question page layout has a grouping of two text fields under the question and each answer.  I am unable to visibly see the “Post Comment” button unless I first select the top comment field.  And if commenting as a guest, I am unable to see the name and email fields until selecting the top comment field either.  The Answer text field displays and works as expected.
Adding text to the top comment field doesn’t matter as only the bottom text is captured as the comment, but the error is that I cannot submit the comment in the bottom text field without first clicking the top field to enable the submit button.
I tried some CSS magic, but I was unable to get the Post Comment or other guest fields activated no matter how much I played with the location or visibility of the top comment field.
Is this a known issue? One-off?
Thanks for any suggestions to help fix this!  As is, if I can’t fix this, then I will have to permanently hide and disable all commenting features to keep the core functionality and to meet user quality standards.

2 Answers
answered 5 years ago

I have checked your site and I think you are using another plugin about the comment anđ conflicting with the DW Q&A, you can try to disable all the plugin to check this issue.

replied 5 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply, Dominic. I tried to test for a conflicting plugin by deactivating all of them as suggested, but the functionality issue didn’t change.

Will try and see if I can modify the template to remove this error.

replied 5 years ago

Even after deactivating all my plugins I was unable to get the plugin to work. So…I activated it on a fresh wordpress install. Same issue.

answered 5 years ago

Problem solved.  I traced the issue to Template.php…comment_form_logged_in filter, dwqa-anonymous-fields class, and dwqa-comment-hide class.  After extensive debugging the solution turned out to be to simply delete the below line of code.  Works like a charm now!  Mostly.  It also works for displaying the anonymous fields which were also affected by this issue.  On to the next debugging task now.

echo apply_filters( 'comment_form_field_comment', $args['comment_field'] );

There is still a css or js issue where when I onclick in the comment box a white block jumps from the top left corner of the container, then to the right about 5%, and then it joins the regular comment block below.  All in less than a second.  Doesn’t affect functionality though, so I’m not going to troubleshoot it for now.
This issue WAS NOT with my plugins.  Thinking about it, I may be experiencing these issues as I’m testing my new site on PHP 7.2 and I expect most of your users don’t update their sites often so they aren’t yet experiencing the bugs that I have.  Especially as most hosting servers default to 7.0.  Anyway, hope this answer helps in the future!  Thanks for the assistance in troubleshooting it.

Dominic Staff
replied 5 years ago

Thank you. We will check about it.

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