asked 11 years ago

Hey guys! Thank you for releasing the DWQA plugin!! So far I really like it, the only issue I am having is how it implements with DW Focus. I attached a few screenshots to show how it flows and what’s it looking like on my website using DW Focus theme. Any ideas how to fix these issues?
The Question page: note how the Q/A area floats outside the dimensions of the DW Focus theme:
Ask/Question Page

Here is a individual question, (which I have an ad and sign-up prompt automatically embedded into posts), but note the DWQA also still floats outside the DW Focus theme area.
DWQA Individual Question doesn't fit properly in DW Focus theme

Please help me fix the issue, thanks guys!


3 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Also, another thing I notice while using DWQA with DW Focus, when I view the individual question posted, the menu at the top no longer shows anything on hover, and as well the "3 must read posts" just says zero.

answered 11 years ago

I have helped you resolve all your issue on the site. Please check your site now.

answered 11 years ago

Thank you, it loads perfectly now 🙂

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