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wordpress best magazine theme DW MagZ update

If you are already happy with our latest WordPress best magazine theme, the DW Magz, now you will be surprised with DW Magz version 1.0.2, upgraded with new features which make it a very flexible WordPress theme you could own.

Have not heard about Magz? You’d like to checHave not heard about Magz? You’d like to check it out at the info page or read our review blog.

Changing theme component for our best magazine theme

In the previous versions of DW Magz theme, the Main Feature block was fixed with one feature post only. But now , things are different! The Feature section now become the combination of 2 sidebar.

wordpress best magazine theme update

To make it flexible and more customizable, we now support Sidebar for Main feature. There will be more space for you to place featured posts and show more ads for your best magazine theme.

wordpress best magazine theme dw magz page

New widgets added to our best magazine theme

In this update, DW MagZ theme is equipped with 3 new widgets : DW Carousel widget, DW Feature Content and DW Feature Post. You can be surprised about what our best magazine theme can do.

DW Carousel Widget :

 As a wordpress magazine theme, this widget will provide the slider for the theme. Inspired by the theme : DW Focus the carousel have 2 styles for you to choose and the more style will be added in the future:

  • In Main Feature, Home content and Header: The carousel keep the style of DW Focus, a very famous production of us which been very attractive user to catch their attention.wordpress magazine theme DW magZ carousel
  • In Featured Block, Sidebar and off canvas Sidebar: The style has been modify a bit to fit the design but it still keeps  the original alike.

    wordpress best magazine theme carousel style

DW Feature Content :

exploited from DW Argo, we bring to you the Feature Content Widget which will get 6 posts order by these criterias : title, date published, number of comments ( content ) and random.

  • In Main Feature, Home content and Header:  The Feature Content still keeps the design of DW Feature Content with 6 blocks and Gradient color on it making it the best magazine theme out there.

    wordpress best magazine theme feature content

  • In Featured Block, Sidebar and off canvas Sidebar: The Feature Content will have different look, contain 3 or 6 blocks and the gradient color makes this widget really attractive.

    wordpress best magazine theme feature content

DW Feature Post:

by removing the fixed feature post at the latest version, we make that component become a new widget which have the same design like the latest version but now, you can place it any where. I’t still get the feature post of a category and a tag if you put it in the widget at category or tag page. Feature Post is really important for a wordpress magazine theme, especially our best magazine theme:

wordpress best magazine theme feature post update

More widget and style will be develop in DW Magz, we have our own idea and plan, but you guys can also suggest your idea to us at DesingWall, we’ll receive your idea and make DW Magz become better magazine theme.

*See Demo for our best magazine theme Here



david rummelhoff
replied 8 years ago

Version 1.0.2 is not listed in the Downloads section of my account.

replied 8 years ago

@David Rummelhoff : hi , you can check your download page again. Thanks for using DW MagZ.

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Viet Tani
answered 8 years ago

Hi, i’ve just update the theme, but i don’t know how to config the theme Feature Blog, my feature become blank at the right, only the featured block at the left appear ? please help .

replied 8 years ago

@viet tani: hi , as i mention above , the feature section at this theme version is not fixed anymore and it become a sidebar called : "main feature". you can see at this picture :
The "Main Feature" is on the left , and "Featured Block" is on the right.
So the Main Feature is a sidebar now , you can add any widget to it , If you want it to look like the previous version , you can add the widget name : DW Feature Post. Thanks for using our theme.

viet tran
replied 8 years ago

Thank you very much, i have another question , how can you set the feature blog widget different at each page like demo ?

replied 8 years ago

Hi, you can use the plugin WIdget Logic, you can read follow this question here : . Glad

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