DW Question & Answer WordPress Plugin

WordPress Question and Answer plugin to build up a fully featured Question & Answer section on your WordPress site like Quora and Stack Overflow.

With DW Question and Answer, you can totally build up a whole fully featured question & answer section on WordPress site like Stackoverflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Your users can Submit questions, Search and Filter questions by status and Add answers to other questions. Users can comment and reply to a question or an answer, can vote and definitely can pick one best answer for their questions.

Key features:

  • Submit / Filter / Edit / Delete questions
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote questions / answers
  • Pick the Best answer for question
  • Order questions by Categories and Tags
  • Manage questions by status
  • Follow a question and auto-receive notification
  • Sticky question
  • Set Private/Public for questions and answers
  • 15+ languages supported
  • Customizable Notification Email
  • Instant Search by keywords
  • Captcha using reCAPTCHA by Google
  • Support Anonymous questions, answers, and comments
  • Shortcodes available

Multi-Language Support (20+ languages available)

This plugin is fully translatable and this plugin has been translated to 20+ language by our users. Including English (default), Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Italian, Croatian, Slovakia, Norwegian, etc.


We will update the plugin regularly. If you have any suggestions for the product, please drop a line in the support forum. In addition, we are willing to welcome you translate the plugin into your native language here https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/dw-question-answer

FAQ: Differences between the Free and Pro version of DW Question & Answer

The pro version of DW Question & Answer has been improved a lot since we have collected suggestions from our beloved users and added them into DW Q&A.

You can see and demo here:

If the demos aren’t enough, read these lines to take a closer inspection at the differences between the free and the pro version of DW Question & Answer:

  • Different styles: As you can see in the demos, both versions of DW Question & Answer have unique and different styles.
  • Extra extensions: The DW Q&A Pro is integrated with 4 premium extensions: DW Q&A Widgets, DW Q&A Leaderboard, DW Q&A Markdown, and DW Q&A Captcha. Each extension costs $29 and if you purchase the pro version, you’ll save at least $92 for yourself because we are constantly updating the DW Question & Answer with many more cool premium extensions.
    • Widgets: The free version supports 4 custom widgets while the pro version supports 7.
    • Leaderboard: The Pro version can list who makes great contributions as well as provides friendly competitions for your community .
    • Markdown:
      • The markdown feature in the Pro version of DW Q&A Pro helps you to edit the plain text without using HTML formatting tags, now you can read and edit drafts with ease.
      • Reviewable before submitting.
      • Spell checking.
    • Anti-spam by reCaptcha / FunCaptcha: DW Q&A Pro is integrated with reCaptcha / FunCaptcha so you don’t have to worry about obnoxious spam.

We are about to optimize our Pro version, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment down here. We’ll appreciate that.

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