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Hello, guys!

My name is Afit Husni. I come from Indonesia, a beautiful country with thousands of islands and beaches to explore. I love blogging and devote most of my time as a hi-tech blogger, an apps reviewer and apps consultant for several websites.

This blog post by Afit Husni is a part of our WordPress Customer Spotlight section, where DesignWall users come and share their beautiful projects as well as their valuable development experience.

More importantly, I’m proud to be the man behind – an online magazine dedicated to Windows Phone, which provides the latest news, application review together with tips and tricks for any users of this mobile platform.

Today I would love to share with you my story about as well as how DW Argo responsive WordPress news theme helped me to finish this project successfully.

IDWinphone – An online magazine for Windows Phone

The idea for came to me around the year 2012 when Nokia first introduced its smartphone Lumia 710. As I had the chance to experience this smartphone at one of the Nokia store in my town, I got the feeling that the Windows Phone platform would grow and have a great community.

As the instinct of a blogger hit me, I immediately looked around the online publication in my country, but there seemed to be no websites about this newly launched platform just yet. That was when I decided to create so that all information about Windows Phone would be widely shared.

DW Argo theme – project by Afit Husni
DW Argo theme – project by Afit Husni

DW Argo – The choice for my project

Our designers ended up choosing DW Argo for because of its fresh and functional design. I really love the smart navigation with sticky header and second side-bar menu where people can easily jump to any part of my online magazine without much hassle.

As most of my readers are mobile users so that giving them a comfortable experience when browsing on small screens is essential. Thankfully, DW Argo supports responsive layout along with off-canvas menu so that my website’s appearance wouldn’t be compromised on various types of devices. And I must say the Ajax loading together with innovative keyboard navigation using arrow keys are big help as they enhance the reading experience on our site.

How I touched up with DW Argo

DW Argo theme – project by Afit Husni
DW Argo theme – project by Afit Husni

At first, we started out with the domain name then decided to change to as it is today. It didn’t took us much time to set our blog online with DW Argo as the theme is already well-tuned for news and magazine sites.

There was not much to tweak except for adding more plugins to the site such as DW PromoBar and DW Question & Answer. I may forgot to tell you, but beside DW Argo, I’m also a big fan of DW Question & Answer plugin from DesignWall team. I always look forward to every of its new upgrade and now aiming to make my question and answer section as clean and neat as DesignWall site.

Based on my experience with, building a website is always started from the overall vision and goals. So as a website builder, we should create a clear website strategy before working on any development or management process.

Don’t hesitate to send me a tweet if there is something unclear and you want to know more about my story. Or if you want to drop by and say Hi then maybe we could start talking about Window phones 😉

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