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“Hello, I’m DW Jason. Are you having trouble building your showcasing site from scratch? Pay me a visit. It will save you a lot of time later.”

Over the past few months, we have seen lots of designers, photographers, web developers, even writers and other site builders coming to us for a solution of a decent portfolio WordPress theme to showcase their projects in a minimal yet professional style.

So, after going through lots of researches to come up with an answer to this raising need, here we are, bringing you the latest WordPress portfolio themes – DW Jason in our WordPress themes collection, featuring masonry layout, retina ready, WooCommerce plugin compatible and many more.

Let’s scroll down and see how DW Jason can revamp your current WordPress blog.

DW Jason - Responsive WordPress theme for portfolio

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Why you should give your portfolio site a facelift with DW Jason

#1 Responsive design & Retina ready

People are not browsing web on desktop only. They are viewing it on smartphone, tablet, phablet and other collapsed screens as well. You definitely don’t want to lose a decent amount of mobile users out there, do you? Then responsive design is a must for any website nowadays. Furthermore, the born of Retina display by Apple has been a revolution and created challenges to web designers. Having your website that is Retina ready would be a plus.

With this in mind, we make sure that our theme DW Jason fully supports responsive layout and retina displays so that your sites would not only adjust seamlessly to most devices but also look pixel-perfect on any hi-res screens.

DW Jason supports Responsive design & Retina ready
DW Jason supports Responsive design & Retina ready

#2 Dynamic masonry layout with infinite scrolling

First initiated by Pinterest 4 years ago, masonry layout has proved its utility in displaying pictures, photos and portfolio items. Unlike table-based layout, this type of grid layout employs non-fixed height rows technique to create boxes fluid in dimension for a dynamic project display. It also helps to curtail excessive white spaces on page to optimize the showcase capacity. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how the portfolio page in DW Jason achieves its neat and elegant feel through masonry layout.

Dynamic masonry layout with infinite scrolling in DW Jason
Dynamic masonry layout in DW Jason

There is no “View more” button on DW Jason portfolio page as this type of UI is an old fashion. We make use of infinite scrolling instead, to better enhance user experience. Less clicks needed to view more projects results in a lower bounce rate and lengthens the time on site of a visitor. Added to that is the faster page load time your site can attain from loading items only when they are needed.

#3 Various portfolio post types with custom metadata

Monotony is no fun. No one likes to spend their valuable time browsing through a dull and bland website, at least on their first visit. They will opt out in no time. So why make your readers or potential customers suffer with one boring portfolio post type while you can shake it up a bit by mixing with other options? In DW Jason, we support uploading your projects in various types from Image, Gallery, Video, Link to even Custom fields. Time to show your creativity with an unique showcase page.

Portfolio post types with custom metadata in DW Jason
Portfolio post types with custom metadata in DW Jason

What’s more? For a detailed and informative single project page, DW Jason offers many custom metadata to specify each project. Be it project name, project description, project layout, project URL, project date or even project client, DW Jason all got you covered.

#4 eCommerce ready with WooCommerce plugin compatibility

For anyone who wants to both showcasing and selling their products on portfolio site, DW Jason supports an online store using WooCommerce WordPress plugin. Turning your site into an online store, therefore, has never been easier with WooCommerce plugin’s fully support for numerous payment gateway, shipping method, tracking system and many more. A quick view of how we specially styled this plugin for the product page in DW Jason.

Product page in DW Jason
Shop page in DW Jason

#5 Some extra

Support DW Question & Answer plugin

Even you are doing real business or just trying to build an online reputation through blogging, it’s not just about selling or showing off your skills/projects; but about supporting and building a community as well. So in case you need one, we already have your back and support DW Question & Answer plugin.

Question & Answer page in DW Jason
Question & Answer page in DW Jason
4 Portfolio layouts of choice

From 1 Column layout to 4 Columns layout, we provide you 4 types of portfolio layout that you can choose from.

4 portfolio layout types in DW Jason
4 portfolio layout types in DW Jason

DW Jason is the responsive WordPress theme for portfolio with minimal yet professional style that would surely spice up your current showcasing site. Are you ready to give your WordPress blog a total overhaul?

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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.


Can you make avaliable screenshots of the dashboard? How easy is to edit the “About Me” page template? by adding/changing items in “Skills” and “Technical”