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WordPress is an open-source platform to build and run websites and many people in which use such websites to announce about upcoming incredible events, off-season sale, launch new projects or new website. Especially, if you’re running an online store and have the intention to release a new product shortly, then this post is perfect for you. All WordPress website owners use a lot of plugins to enhance the functionality of their sites to attract more visitors, you can visit DesignWall for best WordPress plugins and even responsive WordPress themes.  Here in this article, we have chosen and listed the best Free & Premium WordPress Countdown Timer plugins which can be used to appeal your users as well as boost your sale by creating excitement among users.

So, don’t waste any further time, please have a look at our collection of best WordPress Countdown Timer plugins to add to your website, we are sure you guys would get the WordPress Countdown Plugin that meets your needs and requirements.

Premium WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

The Countdown Pro


The Countdown Pro plugin is quite easy to use and customize for websites based WordPress. You can add the countdown functionality to your page or sidebar to show the counts to viewers easily and quickly. With counting up and down functionality, this plugin gives you a full control to your counter.  It also includes a shortcode generator and a sidebar with a bunch of options. Every each counter have their own selector that allows you to create your own style or script.

Price: $8

Demo  Download

WooCommerce Sales Countdown


WooCommerce Sales Countdown is an awesome plugin to promote your sale campaigns in WooCommerce. It helps you to show a countdown box with the product on sale, which tells your customer how much time they have left to purchase the product with discount. You can also make it count the time till the period of upcoming sale. You can add sales countdown on sidebar or category as well. It is an effective plugin that offers an advanced functionality to boost your online store sale and do marketing of your products.

Price: $17

Demo  Download

jCountdown Mega Package For WordPress


jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress is a plugin has a high customization level, you can create or load shortcodes in the admin panel, and add Countdown in any your post, page, and sidebar easily. This plugin allows you to display seconds, minutes, hour and day based on their preference in the countdowns. You can also choose black/white colors and Slide, Flip, Meatal or Crystal styles.

Price: $15

Demo  Download

Red Countdown – Circular Countdown


Red Countdown is a responsive WordPress countdown timer plugin which allows users to create impressive circular countdowns. This plugin has a powerful shortcode generator which is compatible with almost browsers and allows users to integrate countdowns into their WordPress site quickly and effortlessly. By using this plugin, you can easily create clean and elegant circular countdowns. It is very highly customizable and contains 12 presets, which can be easily modified. Red Countdown uses HTML5 canvas to render circles.

Price: $11

Demo  Download

Subscription Countdown WordPress Plugin


Subscription Countdown is a creative WordPress countdown timer plugin which is perfect for creating Metro-style opt-in forms to collect user’s data such as names and emails. Each form packs countdown timer which encourages users to submit their details.

All saved data can be exported as CSV-file to MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Contact, and GetResponse automatically. You can redirect your subscribers to the desired URL after submitting details. This plugin is shortcode driven, translation-ready, responsive and easy to set up.

Price: $12

Demo  Download

CountDown Pro WP Plugin


Countdown pro WP plugin is highly responsive and perfect for any sites, events or products like expiry date for discounts or offers. This plugin comes with 2 versions ‘Circular’ and ‘Electronic’. CountDown Pro WP allows you to insert multiple countdowns easily on your website or any page. The launching date contains second, minute, hour, day month, and year. You can also change everything such as fonts, colors, transparency, dimensions, and borders. In this manner, you can integrate the plugin into any WordPress website.

Price: $14

Demo  Download

Free WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

T (-) Countdown


T (-) Countdown will display a customizable jQuery countdown timer as a sidebar widget or in a post or page by using a shortcode. T(-) Countdown is the perfect choice for you to inform your visitors about an upcoming amazing event. Viewing pleasure is great in T(-) Countdown plugin , thanks to CSS for that.


Indot Under


A free, simple but lovely and elegant WordPress Countdown timer plugin, making your scheduled launch or event easier!


Uji Countdown


With Uji Countdown free WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin, you can easily set a countdown on your post or web page. It shows you a highly customizable HTML5 Countdown Timer. You can also customize colors for text and background, have impressive animations, give texts for date and time and have a lot of other features too.


Powr countdown timer


Powr countdown timer lets you bring a sense of urgency around events, sales, and promotions. This is an easy animated countdown to any time and date. You can custom colors, fonts, backgrounds, size, space, text more. This WordPress Countdown timer plugin also supports text in any language and be responsive on any device.



WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins are an exciting and easiest way to keep your visitors engaged and continuously remind them of an upcoming interesting event. Did you use any WordPress Countdown Timer plugin on your blog or website? Have you found it effective? Fell free to share your views or suggestions with us in the comment section below.

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