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Whenever we start talking about a Content Management System (CMS), we all have the tendency to start comparing these systems with another system. This doesn’t seem the need however, a healthy comparison can lead you to make better decisions when it comes to the professional ramification of your business through web presence of your business via websites and blog posts. Just to fulfill the purpose, today I present you a clean, healthy comparison of WordPress and Concrete5. Let’s get started.

General Information on the CMS

WordPress is an open source and free content management system with a simplistic interface with practically no requirement of HTML or FTP knowledge. On the other side, Concrete5 is also an open source and free content management system which is innovative and allows users to build trailblazing web applications.



WordPress is on the market since 2003 and since then continued to rise up as the most popular blogging software which also supports content management functions as well. The best part of WordPress is that it is super easy to use and even non-savvy users can also work just by their instincts. Anyone can add new pages, blog posts, images etc regularly.

WordPress allows you to manage your blog or website from any computer or mobile device. In addition to that, you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of HTML editing or any other language or software such as FTP. WordPress is a self-maintaining and self-contained system. Everything in WordPress is 100% customizable.

It is an easy to use software and you can easily make changes in the website or blog of yours, is as easy as Drag and Drop and is the best CMS that ever venture in the digital realm.


Easily understandable editing is the key component of the Concrete5. It consists of Editor which will enable you to easily customize your website without any coding. With its in-context editing and WYSIWYG editor, the possibilities are limitless.

Concrete5 offers an incredible set of customization to match all the preferences and needs of yours. It also offers you a humongous variety of add-ons to extend your website and expand its functionality. There is a vast exposure of quick installs via site’s dashboards and also offers numerous add-ons which tend to update automatically.

Now, some of the main features for Concrete5 are one-click updates, instant quick installation, forms, templates, regulation of content workflow, user permissions, integrated reporting and etc.

Features List: WordPress VS Concrete5




Client Satisfaction
1 98% 95%
2 It is very simple. Very Intuitive editing.
3 Very easy and sleek built-in comments. Impressive Extendibility.
4 WordPress is very Flexible in every term. Lightning fast installs.
Search Engine Optimization
5 It is highly Search Engine Optimized. Impressive Search Engine Optimization.
Content Publishing and Utility
6 Very Easy to Publish. Build in a Modular style.
Plugins, Support, and Add-ons
7 It supports Multiple languages. Add-ons with core supported.
8 Well defined publishing Tools. Allows integrated reporting.
9 Incredible User management. Simple one click updates.
10 Highly interactive Theme system. Highly optimized for Mobile.
11 Excellent Importers. Sleek form creation and management.
12 Vast Community. Easy templates.
13 Easy to extend with plugins.
14 Flexible plugin system.
15 Numerous Custom Content Types.
16 Supports full standards compliance. Flawless Content workflow.
17 Innovative Application Framework.

Enhanced Security.


Advanced user permissions.

What they look like?

If we talk about the CMS layout of WordPress and Concrete5, there isn’t any similarity. In the case of WordPress, the CMS frontend and Backend offers so many widgets and they are necessary as well in order to provide necessary actions to be taken to modify subjects, modules, and add-ons.

Concrete5 is also loaded with many widgets, however, they are designed by outside engineers, so there might be chances that both WordPress and Concrete5 may have clashed.

However, in spite of having such clashes, both of them developed in whole lot different ways which decrease any possibilities of being common.

However, because of simplicity and smoothness the winner is WordPress.

How they provide Support?

If we talk about Concrete5, there are not much forums or service supports. This scarcity of support is one of the major cause that an aspirant turned away from Concrete5.

On the other hand, you’ll find ample of services and support for WordPress. There are thousands of websites offering support for WordPress development. WordPress itself present a WordPress Codex in order to solve any problem. To be frank, there is a huge community of WordPress developers, where you can find answers to every query of yours.

This insane amount of support is one of the prime reasons, that people are shifting to WordPress.

There is a huge difference between WordPress and Concrete5 in terms of support offered and to be quite frank, WordPress overplays Concrete5 and proves to be much better in terms of support offered.

Target Audience & User base

Now, when I compare WordPress with Concrete5 in terms of Target Audience and User base, I found fascinating information.

Many big name enterprises use WordPress, however, at last, there are those people who turned towards WordPress to optimize and enhance their website. WordPress enjoys a huge audience who use it for the website and the blog in different niches such as,
– Portfolio Purposes (photographers, artists and designers etc).
– Business/Corporate Website.
– Magazines/News Websites.
– Blogging (This is the main purpose).

Now, about Concrete5, the fun fact is, Concrete5 has acquired almost same target audience of WordPress. You must be wondering what the heck does this even mean? Actually, my point is that the users of Concrete5 are similar as in of WordPress. However, the exception part is not in the nature of the user, it is in the level.

A WordPress user is that user who either starts from WordPress itself or switches from Drupal, Joomla or others once and for all. The nature of that user can be either a newbie or an expert. But as I said above it has nothing to do with nature.

The interesting point here is that a newbie of WordPress is mostly someone who is entirely new to this development concept. So that is the level of a newbie of WordPress.

If we talk about Concrete5, most of the users are a veteran of WordPress who fed up with it and started working on Concrete5. So, technically speaking, the newbie of Concrete5 are basically high in level.

In the easier word, Concrete5 user base is basically migrant of WordPress. And that of WordPress, it includes permanent migrant of Joomla, Drupal etc.

This analysis shows us a very simple fact. WordPress is so easy that anyone can work on it without any trouble, while concrete5 is little too advanced for new user. That is a quantum leap for WordPress and this is the major reason that it is loved by most of the people.

Security and Administration

In terms of administration, both the CMS are actually looks quite identical. Unlike WordPress VS Drupal or any other CMS, this comparison is not that much straight forward. The difference is not very direct.

In terms of Security, it is again very tight. WordPress vs Concrete5 is not as that easy. However, WordPress steals the competition marginally because of its security features and plugins.

In Conclusion

I won’t say that WordPress is better than Concrete5, or the other way around. It depends upon what a person is capable of doing when it comes to CMS. Concrete5 is very easy to handle and interactive, same happens with WordPress. It is very innovative and also easy to use.

As I said before it is not easy to say which one is better as both are equally balanced. However, we all know that WordPress is very famous and common. So, with the support WordPress have, I don’t think there is a need of any argument. It is crystal clear that WordPress is better than Concrete5.

If you like my ideas and views share and leave comments and let me know what you think about the topic. A healthy discussion is always welcome.

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