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Hey WordPress builders,

Halloween is looming. Let’s put your shades on and be prepared to booo your visitors with witches, black cats and flying WordPress pumpkins. Sounds fun and spooky, yeah?

How to creep them out?

It’s simple. A few clicks with DW Halloween and you are all set. Known as the free WordPress plugin for Halloween, DW Halloween dresses up your site with funky items flying around, carrying your Halloween messages or promotion to every visitor. This custom message supports HTML format so you can be sure it’s well-tailored to your needs. Not to mention, you got everything else under control, from the item’s size, flying path and wing speed. All for FREE.

DW Halloween – Live Demo

How to get spookier?

This spooky season, DW Halloween is back with its latest version 1.1, promising you a creepier way to get people’s hair on end. Let’s see what improvement it got in store.

More cool items added

Not just flying pumpkins as in the old version, DW Halloween now got you covered with a variety of other creepy characters. Be it Frankenstein, Phantom, Witches, Cat, Devil, Alien, or Flying bat, etc, the choice is all yours to make.

Upload your own custom image

Creativity is unlimited. You are free to get much creepier with your custom image uploaded and let DW Halloween do its animation job. How about walking skeleton, zombie, mummy or goblin, etc? A hell of ideas, yeah?

Fade effect for items added

As if flying object is not enough, now you can make it looming in and out for a better bone-chilling effect 😉

Bonus with special items

Flying bat and black cat are well favored by many on Halloween season. We know. That’s why we’ve helped you with special effect and animation for them. Come check out the cool stuff.

Grab this Freebie & Buckle up for Halloween!

Heads-up: Our WordPoween Bloody Sale Promotion will be looming on Oct 29, 30, 31.
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Coming to WordPress by chance, Kyle is an enthusiastic blogger who loves playing with words and share cool stuff about WordPress & its ecosystem. She's on her way to uncover other hidden passions as well.


The scarry additions are nice as the plugin itself. 😀

Any news though about an update to DWQA Embed Questions plugin? A while ago reported on the forum that it is broken( the embed question part) someone checked that few days later and told me the problem exist and it will be a fix in the future.

Hi George Cartonic,
Thanks for the nice comment on DW Halloween plugin,
Btw, our team is still working on improving DWQA plugin to have an update released soon. Pls be patient. Thanks 🙂