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It has been weeks since our last update release for DW Question and Answer plugin and now we are back with the new release: DW Question and Answer version 1.2.1 with a lot improvements in admin panel settings.

Quick update: we just made a quick update and release version 1.2.2 for the plugin.

WordPress DW Question and Answer plugin

Email notification with email setup

In old version, we were using Server account email for the Sender field in email notification of the plugin. It brought no convenience or control on how your notification email should be presented to your users. In this version, we support Email setup for the notification with the Sender email field.

Sender field for DW Question Answer plugin
Sender field for Email notification system

Moreover, for the New Question email notification we now also support to have more email fields: Cc and Bcc where you can enter more emails to receive email notification for new questions asked like Admin email.

New email fields for DW Question and Answer plugin
New email fields for New Question email notification

No Private?

Apparently Private Question is not the option for just anyone. A small setting in the admin panel will save the day and make it easy for everyone.

Private question option for DW Question and Answer plugin
Private Question Option in the admin panel

Yes, you can tell from the above screenshot, you control whether you want to have private questions or not.

Note this only applies for Private question and we still keep the Private answer function the same.

Improvements in Language files

Thanks for constantly feedback from our users regarding to the translation for the plugin, we keep improving the language files in order to make sure everyone can translate our plugin at ease. In this version, we have made corrections in typos and some grammars part for the default language files.

In addition, we now support German language files thanks to the contribution of Marcus Scheunemann in Github.

That’s it for this time update. Once you update the plugin, you will recognize a small change in the UI: status icons looks cleaner and smoother for less distraction. Well, we hope you will enjoy it.

Sneak peek Social Sharing and Embed Question are the upcoming features of the plugin. Stay tuned!

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