WordPress Competitors – What Are They?


Starting in 2003, WordPress is a project of a Britisher – Mike Little and an American – Matt Mullenweg to continue the blogging software b2/cafelog’ s success.The thing made WordPress totally different from the other existing blogging tools at the time was that users and developers could extend functionalities by writing their own plugins and sharing with the rest of community. This open-source property has attracted users so far. Nearly 40% of all websites now are using WordPress, changing it into the largest self-hosted blogging platform in the world. Continue

How To Choose The Right Blogging Platforms For You

Picking the right platform means giving your blog the best start in life, so it’s important to make an educated decision.

When making the decision to start blogging, it can seem like an overwhelming challenge. There are many great choices available to support your blog, making it hard to pick the best for you.

Fortunately, by asking yourself the following questions, you can start to sift through the many options available. You can subsequently narrow down the best choices to make your career as a website owner an immediate success.


Is WordPress Free?

Is WordPress Free

Are you a blogger and you need to create a professional blog to manage your data?
Are you a programmer and you need to build a website to help your customers buy commodities quicker?
Are you in need of a complete website for your company to introduce your goods and services ?
And are you wondering how much you have to pay for using WordPress to make a website?
If you say “Yes” to one of those 4 questions, just go with me in this article. Because I’m sure that it will be very interesting and helpful for you. Continue