DW Kido theme – New approach for a competent WordPress blog site

Hi, I’m DW Kido. Do you fancy a WordPress blog where you can publish & edit content in a blink without any back-end hassle? Check me out. Can’t wait to see you say Wow.”

Guys, we have been nurturing this release for months and now I would love to present you our big reveal this September: DW Kido The WordPress theme that helps you Blog way better – now hits the store. Continue

Designer Alexandra conveys her love for cooking through DW Minion WordPress blog theme

Hello from New York City!

It’s Alexandra Stafford here. I’m a full-time blogger living in upstate New York. Before devoting most of my time to writing, I used to work at a graphic design company, which specialized in WordPress sites.

I’ve learned a lot about WordPress since then — enough to allow me to make little tweaks and create some WordPress sites for my friends, such as ledgehomes.com and qimsa.org.


Tweaking DW Minion WordPress blog theme with Karina Kudryavtseva

Hi everyone,

My name is Karina Kudryavtseva. I come from one of the most beautiful places on earth called Vancouver Island in Canada.

For now, I am working mainly as a web designer for a design agency. Beside that, I also have several personal projects to tend to. One of them is Inspicafe – an inspiration online cafe for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, truth seekers and cat lovers. The site was created using DW Minion – a free WordPress theme for Blog.


Karan Chopra & his journey with responsive WordPress blog theme – DW Minion

Namaste everyone!

My name is Karan Chopra from New Delhi, India. I’m working as the CEO at G2One Network, an Internet Media Company specializing in advertising, content marketing and social media. I’m also the founder at 99DollarWebsite and editor/writer at I2Mag, JustWP.org, CodeAndMe.net, JustInfo.Graphics, HowToWebDesign.org, NextBigProduct , WPLove, GamingHQ, 99Books, HundredCoupons.