How to Create a Regular Static Website Using WordPress with Optional Blog

Although WordPress started out as a tool for creating blogs, over the years new features have been added to the software which has seen it become increasingly used for building regular websites. The types of the website built in this way could include a business site, a portfolio, or an online store, to name just a few.

One of the great things about the flexibility of WordPress is that these websites can still include a blog if necessary, it’s just that the blog posts aren’t front and center, or the main attraction of the website.

So if you need to create a regular website as opposed to a blog, read on for our guide to setting up a static website powered by WordPress. Continue

WordPress Child theme: say whaaat?

To every WordPress site owner, holding a distinct web design not only leads to success but also helps sustain their solid position among a swarm of online rivals sprouting up every second. Being the best is great but being unique is greater. Instead of staying alike to other websites using a same popular theme, the urge to tailor-make that theme for a unique face put forward to the audience is understandable. Yet editing and customizing a WordPress theme can be quite scary. If not being done properly, you would open yourself up to the risk of vulnerable security or data loss. Continue

How to protect your WordPress site against content theft

Digital piracy may be the most irritating thing every site owner has to face when people blatantly take away his/her content without asking permission or giving proper credit. After pouring much efforts in researching and bearing a quality write-up, what most bloggers expect is the amount of credibility, readers and traffic they are going to get; not yelling out something like “hey, it’s MY post!” Continue

Examples of Using WordPress to Power a Software as a Service (SaaS)

Every day it seems more and more users are finding new and inventive ways of using the WordPress software to create something that pushes the boundaries of what can be done with our favourite content publishing platform.

While plugins are one key area where developers are using their skills to meet the needs of end-users and simultaneously expand the functionality of WordPress and the types of sites it can be used to build, another group of developers and entrepreneurs are using the platform for their own ends, in order to deliver their software service applications. Continue

Top 8 Must Dos For Your WordPress Site


Setting up a fully functioned WordPress site can be a daunting task. It goes from choosing the right web host to picking out a good theme, implementing the installation process, adding essential plugins then putting in your content. All things checked then your site is ready to be launched.

Thing, however, is far from stopping here. What goes beyond having your site up and running is another list of tasks you need to fulfill at a regular basis. This often involves your site’s security, maintenance, SEO and functions. Who would forget or ignore those such important things. I hope nobody does. Choose to ignore those if you like but that would cause you serious harms. In today tutorial blog, we have a checklist right here for you to make sure everything falls into place from the get-go. Continue