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DW Question & Answer is our free WordPress plugin to build up a powerful and engaging question & answer site. Since the release in November, we have received lots of good feedback as well as great idea suggestions for the plugin – 5 stars rated plugin on

It’s not only yours wish to have a better and feature-rich plugin, but that’s also our ambition. After weeks of research and development, we are delight to announce the release of DW Question & Answer version 1.0.3 with WordPress 3.8, features added, improvements in back-end and major bug fixes.

Wordpress Question & Answer plugin with new features and improvements
WordPress Question & Answer plugin with new features and improvements

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1. Simplified plugin configuration

As in the older versions of the plugin, after the installation you would need to create pages for Question list & Ask question and do setup in order for the plugin to work and display properly.

This step somehow has caused confusion and guess what, in this new version, that job has been taken care of. Single pages for Question list and Ask questions are automatically created once you install the plugin, of course all the settings are ready as well. One-step-installation and you are good to go.

WordPress Question & Answer plugin - coniguration
Question & Answer single pages are auto created and assigned in back-end

2. Whole-new Permission Settings Function

Permission settings for specific roles is one the most anticipated features for DW Question & Answer plugin, and yeah we have made it to this version. Permission settings is added in back-end of the plugin, where you can control who and how they can act on your Question & Answer page. We have separate settings for Question, Answer and Comment,

WordPress Question & Answer plugin with permission settings for user roles
User roles Permission Settings for DW Question & Answer plugin

The Edit and Delete permission here is that one can edit and delete all other questions/ answers and as well as comments. What about one’s own post? By default of WordPress, one can already edit and delete their own posts, so we think that it’s not necessary to have this setting again in the plugin.

You will realize that we have settings for Anonymous role. However, in this version we only support limited permission for this role:

  • Post answer: yes, anonymous user can post answers or comments to a question
  • Post question: No, they cannot yet. We do not support having anonymous questions in this version.

3. WordPress 3.8 Compatible

Right when we know that WordPress 3.8 is released, we immediately work on it and make sure that our DW Question & Answer plugin works smoothly on WordPress 3.8.

Technically, when compare to WordPress 3.7, there is not much difference in functions. The back-end, however, got a face-lift, which we think clean and beautiful.

WordPress 3.8 Icon set
Fully compatible with WordPress 3.8

4. Auto-follow function

We have received quite a number of questions asking about a “question follow/watch” function, in which anyone can follow or watch their desired questions and get notification whenever a new answer or comment is posted. In this version, we have made a tweak: when someone post an answer or a comment to a question, they will be automatically set as following that question and will receive all the notification like a question submitter.

This is a small step ahead in preparing for the real Question Follow function that will be released in the upcoming version.

WordPress Question & Answer plugin Email notification system
Notification email will be sent out to Question followers

Looking for Github Contributors:

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but we are now on Github (URL: The Question & Answer plugin project is open to everyone who knows code and wants to contribute coding to this free project. We welcome any contributor who wants to join us on Github.

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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.


Thanks for such a nice plugin…

Please also check what is the issue when we use this plugin along with Job Manager… Only one of these works at a time… Might be configuration issue but other plugin but would appreciate if you could look into it.

Sure Imran, ee will look into this issue.
Is it happening on your own site? If possible, can you create a private question with site credentials for us to have a better look at the issue?


your plug is very nice, but it’s impossible to integrate it in my template with the right sidebar :
i would like to see Q&R plug in the content left and keep the right sidebar like this page (for eg.):
i’ve posted a private question 2 days ago but no answer, please help me

many thanks

Hi guys!

Very happy for the updating plug-in, but I have a question.

I do not understand why Git repository version 1.0.3 although in WordPress repository is available for download is version 1.0.4. ???

This confuse the users…

i have installed the plugin into a math education website in Turkish . i want to use the plugin in turkish , edited the default.po file with poedit , created .mo file also , uploaded them .. and edited the wp-config.php to “tr_Tr” , but i dont see the turkish version . my wordpress version is 3.8 and plugin is updated to 1.04 , Help is appreciated.

Hi Gazi,

Regarding the translation issue you have, here is my suggestion:
1. Change your .mo file name into
2. Upload the file to /wp-content/languages/
3. Go to wp-config.php file and define your language : “tr” not “tr_TR”
You can read for more info at:

Its really a wonderful plugin and i found it great.
I implemented it to my Tutorials website.
Please, look into the Registration part (using Social Integration) and also Can you make the appearance little better. It is good but exact feel is not coming out.

Hi Chander,
Thanks for using our plugin.
Can you raise us a question regarding to your inquiry with more details? Our staff will take a look and reply to you as soon as possible.