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Ever since the early release of DW Question & Answer plugin, we have received lots of requests for the Anonymous question feature. It has always been a good debate and discussion whether or not should a user submit an anonymous question. Here we are! In an attempt to cater to our users’ every feedback, Q&A production team has worked hard since then to make sure that wish comes true. And now, the most wanted Anonymous question feature is finally supported in the latest version of DW Question & Answer 1.2.6. This release also comes with other exciting improvements as well.

Note: always remember to back up your site and note down any custom code you have made before proceed to any update. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask us for support at our Q&A support page.

WordPress plugin DW Question and Answer

DW Question & Answer

WordPress plugin DW Question and Answer

1. Anonymous asking no longer infeasible

DW Question & Answer has supported anonymous answer/comment since the version 1.0.3. It is now further empowered with the new anonymous question feature. Going incognito has never become easier as no account registration or login action is needed to post a question.

Anonymous question for WordPress Q&A
How an anonymous question looks like

The setting is added into DW Q&A > Permission, first it’s up to you to decide whether or not allow anonymous questions on your site, then your users will decide if they want to be anonymous or not.

WordPress Q&A plugin
Enable Anonymous Question in setting

Does that mean here comes the risk for losing track of all the feedback? Not at all. We leave the email submission open for those who wish to receive notifications with regard to their submitted question.


2. Review questions before publishing

So you want to have the full control over what should and should not be published on your site. We understand that and here in the latest version of DW Question & Answer, we support you to have questions reviewed before publishing.

Enable Preview Question feature in setting
Enable Preview Question feature in setting

This is a small and quick setting in the plugin admin panel: you can enable and disable this feature anytime you want to. When Review Question is enabled, all the new submitted question will be saved and set status as Pending without publishing. So only site admin can view and publish them. Make any change you need to and you will not have to worry about nonsense or improper questions or even spam.


3. More languages supported

Thanks to great help from our community with the translation, DW Question & Answer is now available in 14 languages. Catalan, Thai and Hindi are two latest languages added to this 1.2.6 version contributed by Marc Guillem, Varut Vutipongsatorn and Gaurav Tiwari. If your language is not yet in the list, please help us share the translation so that we can improve our language files and give greater benefit to WordPress community.

On a side note, in this version of the plugin we also have updated the default language file, in which we corrected minor errors. Thus, you should check and compare the language files before proceed to upgrade.


4. And ready for WordPress 3.9 of course

Following the hype of WordPress 3.9 “Smith” official release few weeks ago, we have updated the Editor in DW Question & Answer to make sure it works in perfect harmony with this latest version of WordPress. No need to worry about any bumpy transition may arise.

That’s it for this time update. Don’t forget to keep yourself in loop as further refinements are on their way.


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Jin is Nanny at DesignWall, a leading WordPress development company which builds responsive WordPress themes and best WordPress plugins. She makes sure everyone is happy, every question is answered, every release is bug-free. She also blogs about our products and shares her WordPress knowledge with our readers. Jin is also a travel lover.


Hi Guys, Ive just updated the new version, absolutely like the anonynous Q! After the update, the translation reseted back to EN, is it necessary to upload the language setting after every version update? Btw. if you do not have, I can send you a Slovak translation of DWQA…

Hi Jan,

The default language setting is actually from WordPress itself. Since DW Q&A v1.2.6 we have updated the English language file and this could somehow affect your translation files. Please update your translation too.
About Slovak language, yes we would to receive a copy so that we can support it for the plugin. You can send us the files via email at
Thanks a lot!