You can install a demo content install follow this guide. Please understand so these steps are needed and can not be skip to ensure you can install demo content.

Step 1: Use another theme instead of DW Magz (temporary)

Step 2: Installing Unyson plugin (free)

Step 3: Activating Unyson extension ‘Backup & Demo Content’

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Unyson
  2. Click ‘Download’ button in a box ‘Backup & Demo Content’

Step 4: Activate DW Magz theme

Step 5: Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > DW Magz > DW Magz (Welcome page), click on button ‘Click here to install demo content‘.

Be careful! Installing a demo content will let a system destroy all existing content and recreate using our sample data.

Step 6: Choose a demo content and click ‘Install‘.

Install demo content

The screen should be display:

Demo Content Is Installing

After a demo has been installed, you will be redirect to a main website.