asked 5 years ago

Our answers are automatically set to Private whenever we reply to a private question, even though we already selected the answer as ‘Public’. This means our users to be unable to view our answers to them.
Why are our answers being set to private automatically within a private question? Could you fix this? Thanks!

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answered 5 years ago

It’s not the issue or bug come from the plugin. 
At the moment, the private question just can view by admin and author of question.
If admin or author submit an answer, other user can not view the answer and question. Please send me username & password of your site for further checking if the author can not view the answer in the private question created by them. 

[email protected]
replied 5 years ago

Yes, the author cannot view the answer in the private question created by them. This is what happens:
1. User (subscriber) posts a private question.
2. Another user (editor) types an answer and marks it as ‘Public’ and hits Submit.
3. The answer is posted but is automatically marked as ‘Private’ instead.
4. Now the user (subscriber) can’t view the user’s (editor) answer.
The problem is Step 3. We know the answer can be seen when it’s marked as ‘Public’ but the plugin automatically changes it to ‘Private’ whenever we answer a private question. Everything is fine for public questions.
Do we send you the username and password here?

replied 5 years ago

Hi, haven’t received a reply in some time. Not sure what’s happening with the support. Anyway, can we remove the comment above? Thanks!

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