Davi de Assis
asked 10 years ago

I want to use only shortcodes to build the pages ’cause I can’t make it work with my current theme (Jupiter)… but the plugin always inject the question list in the base page. Even if I create a separate page the internal links will send the user back to the messed original base page.
Anyway to disable this function and work only with shortcodes, custom pages and permalinks and stuff?

Davi de Assis
replied 10 years ago

Okay… almost there: I created the “Question List” and “Ask Question” pages with shortcodes and I used “301 Redirection” (slow and ugly, but is enough for now) for links.

But the “Single Question” page still messed up with my theme… so, any way to use a shortcode for that too? It’s the final issue.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

You can send me username & password of your site (via private answer) for further checking.

Davi de Assis
replied 10 years ago

Forget it… i give up for now. This is a awesome plugin but needs a lot of improvements and a easier integration with themes.

I think you guys should work only with shortcodes and widgets, so the user just instal and, past the shortcodes in custom pages and insert some widgets for Categories, Tags and Leaderboards and done. The CSS is fine and don’t need much modification.

We want the same Q&A Plugin used here in the support site, with the same visual and organization. I believe everyone would pay for the premium version with pleasure, ’cause with some improvements this plugin will be the BEST in his category.

Think about, please. Just make the plugin easier and more useful.


Jackie Lord
replied 10 years ago

Thank you for your feedback!
We are improving the plugin in easier and more useful way like your suggestion. Plus, we are developing the plugin on the Github and of course, if you are a WordPress developer, you’re welcome to contribute our project. Take a look at our project here: https://github.com/designwall/dw-question-answer

Davi de Assis
replied 10 years ago

Unfortunately I’m not a WordPress developer and I can only help with ideas, suggestions and creative feedback. :/

But just make one more shortcode to allow us customize the Single Question page the same way it’s possible with Question List and Ask Form and it’s fine for now.

I use Jupiter Theme + Visual Composer and I have a lot of customization options, but the auto-inject system don’t cooperates. I want to use a sidebar only in Single Question page, for instance, but I can’t.

The lack of this shortcode it’s the only real and urgent issue so far… the rest can be released in future updates with no problem.

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

Thanks for your feedback. We will discuss about this issue for the DW Q&A plugin.

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