greeb greebli
asked 6 years ago

Our site has a lot of spam, the Antispam does not work because every comment gets approved automatically even if I set every setting for manual approval.
Here a list of all the plugins we have installed:
Could you tell me what settings are supposed to give me the desired result?

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

In this case, you can configure the permission on the comment section to does not allow the anonymous can submit a comment or if you want to the comment need to approve of the admin before publish a comment, you can add the following code to the theme folder:

add_filter( 'dwqa_insert_comment_args', 'dwqa_theme_moderate_comment' );
function dwqa_theme_moderate_comment( $args ) {
$args['comment_approved'] = 0;
return $args;


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