@mit M
asked 10 years ago

Hi Guys,
Thank you for the great cool work. I have a few questions, please help:
1. Instead of displaying full answer form on the question page, I would like to add a call to action button, named “Answer”. Since a visitor can come to just check the thread and existing replies.
2. Would like to have breadcrumps on all DW QnA pages.
3. Hide/Disable/Remove rating icons displayed alongside each question.
Thank you in anticipation!!!

3 Answers
angel romero
answered 10 years ago

For 3rd question:
Set .dwqa-vote style in css file: display: none

@mit M
answered 10 years ago

Thanks Angel Romero, this helped.
Also, i tried playing with php files of the plugin and was able to get breadcrumbs working.

answered 10 years ago

I think you have resolved this issue. If you still face there issue, please let me know.

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