Aditya Lesmana
asked 11 years ago


After uploading the logo (size 230×80), there has been several instances the theme revert back to its default logo (‘FOCUS’ text).

Is there any way to prevent the theme from behaving randomly

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

To change the logo in the DW Focus theme, you can rename your logo : “Your_Logo_name.png” and go to folder path: wp-content\themes\dw-focus\assets\img,  copy the name of your logo and override it my logo.

Also, DW Focus theme has the category style and the different logo.

To change the categories logo, please follow instruction below:

Step 1: Log in to Dashboard > Post > Categories

Step 2: Create/Edit an category, then select Category Style. See the screenshot here:

Step 3: Open the folder wp-content\themes\dw-focus\assets\colors. Then go to the folder named like Style that you choose, replace the logo image.

Hope this helps !


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