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Hi There,
DW Questions & Answers  …Questions.
1) Can I accept free questions **and paid questions that get priority for a quicker response? 
2) Can I turn off the ability for members to answer questions
3) Can I turn off social scores for top members who answer questions (don’t want them to have the ability)?
4) Do you use Woocomerce to take payments, or which platform or plugin?
5) Do paid questions have a different color so you know they are “paid.”
6) I see the plugin has not been updated in about a year, is there a reason for this?
7) Some reviewers say it crashed their whole site when the plugin was installed. Which plugins cause an issue with your plugin. Does it work well with Elementor?
Thank YOU!

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

1/ At the moment, the plugin supported to submit free questions and pay to submit a question. However, the plugin does not support a system/option to help you configure the paid questions that get priority for a quicker response
2/ Yes, you can configure in the Permission setting of the plugin.
3/ Yes, you can. We are using a social plugin for the demo site. 
4/ The plugin integration with the Woocomerce to make a payment for the Pay to submit option. 
5/ At the moment, the plugin does not support applying different colors for the paid question. 
6/ Yes, we will release a new version this month. However. the plugin still compatible with the latest WordPress version. 
7/ At the moment, the plugin does not fully compatible with the Elementor. However, you can let me know if you have any issue with the plugin, we will help you fix it. 

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