Hassan Awan
asked 3 years ago

hello there, so you have a comparison chart somewhere on your website to compare the pro and free version?
I am looking for a feature which i not available on the free account.
1, Someone posts a question on our website
2, one of our admins receives an email where they can see the question.
3, IMPORTANT… upon replying to that question within their email (gmail or hotmail) the answer should post on the website.
4. Private questions get the private answer to their email and public questions get answer on website, 
is this available in pro?

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

You can check the comparison chart here: https://www.designwall.com/dwqa-pricing/
1/ Yes, all the users can submit questions/answers/comments.
2/ At the moment, all the admin will get the notification.
3/ The plugin does not support to answer from email as you mentioned here.
4/ The plugin does not support this feature.

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