Rusln Bregunets
asked 9 years ago

Im add many posts, but on main page in top i see only Page 1

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

To resolve this issue, you can log in to Dashboard > Settings > Reading then add the number of post displayed in a page.
See the screenshot:
Hope this helps !

replied 9 years ago

i have the same problem, but is not the numbers of post the solution. the problem is the label in the right with the number of pages, we just have in the full screen (and not at all), i have a 13 inch screen computer, if i close a litle the browser, i have no any more such labels iin the right. And we would like to have it. I think is a media query bug.


dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

Hi Tonl,
You can create a private question then send me username & password of your site for further checking.

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