asked 10 years ago
I've tried modifying the following:
.list-dwqa-question .page-header .single-dwqa-question .dwqa-container .submit-dwqa-question .dwqa-container
with max-width: 90% !important; and tried it in px too.
Along with the wp-content/themes/[theme_name]/functions.php file, both the main and the child.

I can't seem to get the page to change width. I'm trying to make it slightly narrower (by %) and centered so I have a little space on each side of the main body so my social share box does not overlap the page on the left. (See image) I take that back, no way to add image.
Is this a theme issue or a DWQA issue? Thanks.
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answered 10 years ago

Hi ScoopMasters, Hope that you are well today. Right now, you can check your site to see how that goes, I have helped you resolve the issue. If you want to know exactly I did, you can check the style.css file where I added the following code:

  /* In question list page*/
.list-dwqa-question {
 margin-left: 20px;

/* Single question page */
 margin-left: 20px;

/* Submit question page */
.submit-dwqa-question {
 margin-left: 20px;
replied 10 years ago

I played with those numbers to see what they actually did and they dealt with the right sidebar margins. I need to find out what class or ID in the css to adjust to make the left side of the main body, container, main content, (or what ever it’s called) to move to the right. At the moment the whole left edge is probably 10 px away from the edge of the screen. I need about 50 or so just to add a little space on the left edge and keep the site fluid. Actually, I’d like to center the whole page, with a little space on both sides. (I really have to learn my css terminology.)

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