Subhan Cabbarov
asked 10 years ago

Hi, i want remove some tinymce editor buttons. How can i do it? i want only bold,italic,underline,link,unlink,img buttons.
is there any way use only text editor not visual editor?

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Subhan, i don’t use tinymce editor but i think thats possible and you can look this, maybe helpfull

Yan Susanto
replied 9 years ago

Hi Subhan,

You mention that you didn’t use tinymce. What do you use instead if I may ask?

answered 10 years ago

@dumann78 ! Thank you for the answer 🙂
@Subhan! You can try the solution that @dumann78 gave.
And below is our instruction on how to remove the tinymce button, please follow:
Firstly, follow the jetpack’s guideline in the Blog article on how to use Edit CSS here.
Then add the code to the Edit Css.

.mce_bullist, .mce_numlist, .mce_blockquote, .mce_code, .mce_dwqaCodeEmbed {
    display: none !important;

Save it and see how that works. Let us know if there is anything else.

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