bob bob
asked 9 years ago

I run buddypress and I would like to change the author to employees
Thank you!

bob bob
replied 9 years ago

Also how would I updated to the newest version and my related posts on the questions have disappeared.

3 Answers
Dom Amor
answered 9 years ago

You could just do a 301 redirect from author to employees. That way future updates of DW Q&A wont over write a patch. Just my thought anyway. 

answered 9 years ago

Hi Bob,
With Author permalink, if you know about url rewirte, you can use it. Or you can search for  “wordpress change author slug” plugin. Edit author slug ( is one of them.

About updating to the latest question, you can download from or update it directly from your plugin dashboard.
We will enable sidebar of DWQA soon so please stay tuned.

Thanks and hope this helps,

answered 9 years ago

If you don’t want to use a plugin, add this code in your functions.php

 change_wp_author_base() {
 // changed author slug name
 ->author_base = 
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