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Hi, I just purchased DWQA PRO for 30$ on code canyon
My License is d21edb56-69cb-45ba-8db0-a33a8006121b
Could you please tell me what to do:

  1. I have a blog and when I add Leaderboard widget in sidebar – it appears on all pages of my blog.I need it only to appear on Pages related with DWQA page. Is it possible ?
  2. Right now –  “Submit button” appears under List of Questions. Is it possible to put this button above List of Question ? It will make visitors ask more questions…
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answered 4 years ago

1/ If you want to show the sidebar for the DWQA, you can register a new sidebar and insert it into the question page. 
Also, you can use the following plugin to show/hide the widget on the page that you want to have it.

2/ You can create the dwqa-templates/styles/default folder in the wp-content/themes/your-theme/ folder then create the archive-question.php in the default folder and add the following code to this file: 
The PHP code: http://snippi.com/s/9qloq9a

Then add the following CSS code to the style.css file or Dashboard > Customize > CSS Code: 

.dwqa-questions-header {
   text-align: right;
   margin: 10px 0 20px;

.dwqa-questions-header .dwqa-ask-question {
    display: inline-block;
.dwqa-questions-header .dwqa-ask-question a {
   border: 1px solid #ddd; 
   padding: 5px 20px;
   display: block;
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