asked 9 years ago

Hi Team,
I have installed updated version of DW Focus theme. Along with the theme, I have installed the DW Questions and Answers plugin.
I have added a question through Ask Question page and the question is approved from Admin Panel. However, when I click on the question, it is redirecting to 404-Page Not Found.
Here is the link for Questions Page :
Clicking on the question, it is redirecting to ‘Page Not Found’. Please suggest how to resolve this issue.

2 Answers
Hussain Al-saady
answered 9 years ago

Hi ShyamI ,
think I had a similar problem to you. Try going to permalinks and changing it back to default. Save. Then change it back to post name. I think that should auto magically fix everything.

answered 9 years ago

You can follow the answer provided by Hussain. If you still face there issue, please let me know.

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