asked 2 years ago

I noticed 2 issues in the single question page: 

  1. Feature image shows up under login form
  2. Page URL shows up in the footer
1 Answers
answered 2 years ago

You can use the following code:

body.single-dwqa-question .ss-hidden-pin-image,
body.single-dwqa-question #ss-copy-popup {display: none;}
replied 2 years ago

Hey Dominic, thanks for the simple solution, that’s cool and all but the issue is that they show up almost everywhere except homepage!

I was debugging the issue and found that this issue disappears when I deactivate your plugin and show up as soon as I activate it.

So instead of hiding it, can you please investigate this issue further to see what’s causing it? I’ll be deactivating your plugin so please activate it whenever you want to check it out if you’re going to do it of course.

Dominic Staff
replied 2 years ago

Please check your site now, I’m accessing to check the issue about the Q&A plugin. however, your site has broken style/layout and plugin now.
Sorry about that, your language is very hard to work and I think I have disabled the plugins then activated it.

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