Al El
asked 10 years ago

WordPress SEO plugin does not work on the category page of questions and answers.
Title category are not prescribed, but simply added to the name of the site.
WordPress SEO settings on editing categories are not available, they simply do not.
Hopefully in the next version you will correct it. Thank you!

Al El
replied 10 years ago

Also noted that the comments do not work to the answers. Comments are added, but after refresh the page comment disappears. In the WordPress admin comment visible.

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Apologies for the delay in replying to you. Thanks for your feedback about our plugin. Our plugin isn’t  a perfect plugin yet. We have been improving and making it better and better. Will consider your idea and enhance this feature in the next versions of the plugin.

Jack Lee
answered 9 years ago

you can use ”wpseo_metakeywords’  hook to filter the kewords for DW Question & Answer with WordPress SEO by Yoast,in the fire function ,you can use:

 /*for DW Question & Answer*/

$keywords=str_replace('|', ',', str_replace(',', '', str_replace(',,', '|', preg_replace("/<\\/?a(\\s+.*?>|>)/", ",", get_the_term_list( $post_id, 'dwqa-question_tag', '', '', '' )))));

answered 9 years ago

Have same problem..

u still can’t fix? @aers

@suifengtec Hi Jack, i have same problem. (I use yoast seo and edit category title&desc. information with yoast but don’t work..) i can’t fix with ur way (actually can’t understand what i need to do.. try somethng but don’t work..) & still can’t add title+description at the dwqa category page.. and i sent u e-mail please check (btw ur wordpress profile pages link(suoling net) have some trojan -enfected HTML:Script-inf-)

@dominic mate any idea?

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