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  1. A few weeks ago DWQA would be updated in a week. It’s been a few weeks, any updates (Checked Codecanyon same 2019 plugin)?
  2. Paid for Questions Using Woocomerce, seems to use a range/time period of dates questions can be asked. Can you clarify how does this works for a single “per question” scenario? Do I have to manually set a time period for the question, how does the system know just to ask one question. I wish a video was made to screenshot the functionality of how paid questions work on the front and back end (and their settings). Anyway, you can do this Dominic. This could be confusing as I want to charge a monthly fee for advice for questions and a per question charge, how is this handled?


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1. Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. We will release the latest version of the DW Q&A tomorrow. I have checked and tested the plugin today. and have some issues need to fix.
2. You can refer to the feature here: https://www.designwall.com/blog/woocommerce-pay-per-post-have-supported-in-dw-qa-plugin-v1-2-1/#more-138157
Also, If you want I will send you the latest version of the plugin and you can help us test this version.

I will update the document for this feature as soon as possible.
At the moment, the plugin does not support to manually set a time period for the question
This time for user can submit question. 

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Thank you, Dominic, for all the work you do. I know it is a lot of work.
1) Sure send it to my email (“If you want I will send you the latest version of the plugin and you can help us test this version”).
2) I read that blog article Dominic you provided before (Thank You) I am still confused, perhaps I am a visual person. Can we get video training/tutorials for the app, I think this would alleviate a lot of your work.
3) I went on Reddit and asked on the Woocomerce sub about how to do this and people were clueless with the functionality of the plugin to charge for questions and use Woo. I don’t have to purchase anything else from Woo to do this?
My intended purpose with the plugin is: (1) single pay for question advice, (2) free questions, and (3) I want to do a subscription for a monthly fee. So yes still trying to figure out how to implement this with Woo, permissions, etc.

answered 2 weeks ago

1/ Yes, you can send me your email and I will send the latest version for you. However, this is only a test and I hope after experiencing this version you will buy it.
2/ Okay, we will check to update a video to about this feature to the blog/document as soon as possible.
3/ Yes, We don’t need to purchase anything else from Woo to do this. The plugin will show an option in the Woocomerce product when you create a product. and you will sell a product for the pay to submit. and this product will allow users can pay in a time that you have configured in the backend.
The feature is very easy to use, you can check with the test version.

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1) Hi@myacnescars.com Of course, I want the support and updates, will be nice to test and tell you the issues.
2) Thanks, Video Help Guide / Screen Capture would be awesome just like they do for the functionality of their app, just like this: https://www.cminds.com/cm-answer-store-page-content/#demo
3) Ok seems complicated with what the woocomerece people told me about recurring monthly memberships, single pay for answer questions, and a store. Seems complex.

Dominic Staff
replied 2 weeks ago

1/ I have sent you an invite to download the latest version via google drive, you can check your email now.
2/ Yes, we will check and discuss about it now.
3/ I think you will understand better when you experience our latest version.

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