One of the most out-standing features of DW Gamez theme is Customize section. You can configure easily and conveniently. Here is a screenshot of Customize section in the back-end.

  • Log in to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize
Customize Section

1. Site Layout

You can choose one of two layouts to display on the front-end: Wide and Narrow layout.

Wide Layout

2. Site Title and Tagline

You can add title/tagline and change logo image, favicon here:

backend setting of site title and tagline
Back-end Settings of Site Title and Tagline

3. Color Settings

With DW Gamez, you can be easy to change background color. However, if you selected background color, background image will not be shown.

color settings
Color Settings

4. Image Background

You can change the background image here:

image background settings
Image Background Settings

5. Social Link

You can add link for social here, the socials will show on the Topbar and footer.

social links settings
Social Links Settings

6. Style Selector

Style Selector allows you to pick text color and link color for the theme according to your taste.
There are the settings of Style Selector section:

Style Selector Settings
Style Selector Settings

7. Font Selector

DW Gamez gives you the options to select the font for the post’s title and post’s body. Simply select the font for your theme according to your taste and select blank value to back the default font.

Font Selector Settings
Font Selector Settings