Rating point is calculated by algorithm that will get the average of all the criteria that you assign to the post

1. Rating system for post

Enable Rating  : To enable the Rating system for a post, you need to go “Blog Posts” >> create or edit post >> Enable Rating Table

Enable rating table

Add Criteria: add and give the point to the criteria, total rate will be average point of the criteria

Add criteria

Publish the post and on front-end you can see the result:

  • Front-end post:

    Front-end display of post have rating
  • Single post:

    Single post display

2. Rating Widget display top rate post by some options

Widget in back-end : DW GameZ: Top Rating

Top rating widget

Widget options :

  • Title : title of the widget.
  • Number of posts to show : number of post.
  • Display post title: check to show the post title.
  • Category: choose posts belong to specific category.
  • Tags: choose posts belong to specific tags.

Widget display at front-end :

Widget display