The placeholder 'comment' is not translatable.
OpenDominic commented 4 years ago
883 views3 answers0 votes
DW Questions & Answers incompatibility with SEO plugins.
OpenChrille answered 5 years ago
1557 views2 answers0 votes
How do I increase the default height of the answer text box?
Openshirodx answered 5 years ago
1035 views2 answers0 votes
DWQA suddenly disappeared
ResolvedDo An Duy commented 6 years ago
775 views1 answers0 votes
All answers are shown to be 7 hours ago
ResolvedDo An Duy commented 6 years ago
1025 views1 answers0 votes
Anonymous user won't receive email if question is private
ResolvedDo An Duy commented 7 years ago
1176 views2 answers0 votes
Avatar position is broken in email
AnsweredDominic commented 7 years ago
1027 views1 answers0 votes
Non-logged-in question author doesn’t receive email notification.
ResolvedDominic commented 7 years ago
877 views1 answers0 votes
The text editor in the Ask Question page doesn't work when you log out.
ResolvedDominic commented 7 years ago
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Page 3 shows a 404 error.
AnsweredDominic commented 8 years ago
1068 views2 answers0 votes
I can't strikethrough text
AnsweredKevin commented 8 years ago
1243 views2 answers0 votes
Why can't I change text color with the editor?
AnsweredDo An Duy commented 8 years ago
1240 views2 answers0 votes
Where is the change log of the new version?
AnsweredKevin commented 8 years ago
1538 views1 answers0 votes
Is it possible to embed Youtube videos to a question or answer?
Answeredwpintense commented 8 years ago
1280 views1 answers0 votes
Leaderboard not updated.
AnsweredDo An Duy answered 8 years ago
1411 views1 answers0 votes
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