Mike H
asked 9 years ago

Great plugin.
One small error I have found though as using a dual-language setup:
Answers.php has hard coded English language alerts for "This question is now closed" etc. While I can obviously change these, they will reset when the plugn is updated. Great if these can reference the .po language file as per all the other text strings.
Thanks a million!

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

At the moment, the .po file have some wrong with the line code, you need check in the file to find the line number of the word.

To resolve this issue, you can open your language file (e.g: dwqa-cs_CZ.po). Find the line msgid "This question is now closed"

Then replace the following line: #: ../inc/templates/default/answers.php:97
With new line: #: ../inc/templates/default/answers.php:95

After changing, you can remove the dwqa-cs_CZ.mo file and open the .po(dwqa-cs_CZ.po) file in Poedit.

When you have finished translating, go to File → Save as… again to generate the .mo file. Or you can set your Poedit to always compile a .mo file when saving changes by clicking File → Preferences and on the Editor tab check the Automatically compile .mo file on save box.

Hope this helps !

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