kris richens
asked 9 years ago

i am trying to either change or remove the ask and asked text?

kris richens
replied 9 years ago

Sorry to ask another question but how do you change the answer tesxt (in the box). Many Thanks

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

You can use the “.po & .mo” file in the folder path to translate it. Please find here for the document on how to translate our plugin:
Also, you can found in the some file:
#: ../dw-question-answer.php:301
#: ../inc/actions-question.php:30
#: ../inc/widgets/list-closed-question.php:48
#: ../inc/widgets/popular-question.php:40
 #: ../inc/filter.php:111
 #: ../inc/settings.php:683
 #: ../inc/template-functions.php:575
 #: ../inc/template-functions.php:577
 #: ../inc/templates/default/question-submit-form.php:83
#: ../inc/templates/default/single-question.php:38
Hope this helps !

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