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For every answer we make to a particular question, a separate page link is being generated for that
which is very wrong as per seo
The other issue is, these answer page links are also visible in website search results (i.e site search not google search)
This is something which the developer should work on to remove that
Answers should generate in wordpress as comments and not separate pages like –
With this multiple pages are being created which are having duplicate content

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Hi @sahilmehta,
I quite agree with you on the issue of duplicate content. But I cannot see the duplicate pages, as these are automatically redirected through 302 (Moved Temporarily).
Question and Answer are separate post types, and answers in my opinion should not be implemented as comments. And for them to show up in search results means that users can search within search results too, which is very good from a users stand point.
Due to the fact that answers are redirected through 302, they out not appear in Google search results (thus not affecting site SEO).
But if you are concerned you can use an SEO plugin to make sure you are not submitting answers as separate pages to the search engines.
However I would rather like to see the links appearing in the site search in the following form as this new update provides: /question/how-to-post-a-question/#answer-424
as this type of link will lead the visitor straight to the answer rather than the page, which is more efficient. As the visitor will not have to sieve through all answers.
This advice is based on my search, and if some one has better understanding of the issue, I would love to read about it.
Best regards

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