Michael Bosin
asked 8 years ago

Hi, This is a great plugin – Exactly what I needed, thanks.
I work now with Timber plugin
The date does not come to the page (page.php) Can anyone help me understand what problem?

Thanks, Michael

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi, you can try go to dw-question-answer in back end, Settings and then change the Single category to blog/question-category

Your question page is http://sun.hp.intersol.co.il/dwqa-questions/question-category/questions/
some how , after loading page , the permalink rewrite to http://sun.hp.intersol.co.il/blog/dwqa-questions/question-category/questions/ and that’s wrong link.

replied 8 years ago

Thank you, but did not help
the problem is Timber theme

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