WordPress as a CMS – Side by side comparison with Joomla & Drupal

Update on March 18th: new extensions for Joomla has been added.

3 days ago, while in conversation with a large group of prominent WordPress users, I asked “What is the most powerful CMS plugin for WP on the market right now?”. Within hours, I got a lot of backlash from the community reassuring me that WordPress is already a CMS. To me, WordPress is very advanced & powerful blogging platform, but not quite a full fledged CMS, yet. However, WordPress codebase is built so that you can code any CMS features you want.  It explains perfectly why WordPress has 29,873 plugins (at the time of writing), comparing to 7730 extensions of Joomla, and 14,764 modules of Drupal.

But wait…


Introducing Free WordPress Plugin: DW PromoBar – Ultimate customizable top bars

We all know about the Hellobar, a simple yet handy tool to create an eye-catching and concise message on your site. We, ourselves, also used to use HelloBar for our promotions and campaigns. However, we came to face obstacles: limited number of clicks (unless we pay for more) and we could not have a countdown clock. So we decided to write one!

Here it is! Say hello to: DW PromoBar – a free Top/Promotion Bar plugin for WordPress.


Introducing a new WordPress Twitter plugin featuring Twitter API 1.1 – DW Twitter

Some of you may know that, just recently Twitter has announced the official retirement of their API v1. Twitter API version 1.1 contains major updates and improvement since its first version. Well-prepared for this news, we now proudly announce the release of DW Twitter plugin for WordPress. This WordPress Twitter plugin is available for free download.

Update Jun 21, 2013: This plugin now available on WordPress.org – Click here to download