Nico Pagel
asked 10 years ago

I want to be able that all people can ask questions without being registered.

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Nico, 
We are updating this feature and will soon release an updated version for the plugin.
Please stay tuned!

Hung Dinh
answered 10 years ago

Hey Nico,

My following take may not directly answer your question, it is more a question to your question. 

Why you need that feature?
I am not sure about the case that you want to use the plugin. IMHO, I don’t think it is a good approach to implement a Q&A system.
1. You will have a lot of spams
2. You won’t be notified when someone answers or comments on your question.
3. You wont be able to follow questions/topics/tags you are interested in.
4. “All people can ask questions” means that you are are likely to have an open Q&A platform, sharing knowledge and information via the questions and answers.
If I am a part of your system and want to have my questions answered, I would take extra effort to register a proper account and continue to provide additional information to make it easier for others to help out. The more people know about the author and the more questioned are discussed, the better solutions, knowledge will be passed over to everyone.
I would love to see others’ view on this. I may overlook the importance of this feature and why it should be implemented? 

Nico Pagel
replied 10 years ago

Hey Hung,

by the way I integrated a small solution of this into my site:

Now you have the possibility to login (the button on the front-page called “Stell Deine Frage”) with an account. But you can just post questiones, answers and comments are not allowed.

I know it’s difficult because of spam etc. but I know of friends and also myself, that everybody “hates” to register to post a question and there are already big q&a plattforms.

I want to create something mroe modern and open so I decided to try this.

The things you pointed out which could be seen critical are the ones you would perhaps create an account too. Because you want to follow your questiones, make comments etc.

But the anonymous posting of questions could be an appeal to become a part and try this “new” q&a site out.

replied 10 years ago

Hi Nico,

Did you check out our latest version of Q&A?
I know you persist in having anonymous questions, the way we look at it is that if someone posts a question without leaving any information: it’s impossible to send out notification to that user, plus a site with all the anonymous question will not look reliable somehow.
There was a suggestion that we should move to cloud authentication login (like login via social account) in stead of WordPress. I think this solution could be a mutual benefit for all 🙂
We are still working on all the options, hopefully we can release it soon.

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