1. Gallery Post

Step 1

– Located in Posts >> Add New

– Click on “ Add media button”.

Add Media

– Then navigate to ” Create Gallery” tab. After selecting the images, click on “Insert into Post” button to insert the gallery into the post.

Create Gallery

Step 2

– Navigate to “ Text” tab.

– Enter the following snippet.

<div class=”content-featured”>[ gallery  ids="your_images_id"]/div>

Let’s take a look at the screenshot below:

Add Gallery Posts

Please note that once selected the images gallery, the image’s ID will be shown in Text editor. Just copy them and replace “your_images_id” in

<div class=”content-featured”>[ gallery  ids="your_images_id"]/div>

by your IDs.

Video Post

Step 1

– Navigate to Posts >> Add New

– Paste video link into the editor area, then select Format as Video.

Add Video Link to Editor

Here is what our menu is going to look like when we are finished:

Video Posts

Front-end Editor

To display Post Form at Front-end Page, just follow our instruction below:

Step 1 Located in Pages >> Add New. Here you add title for the page.

Create New Front-end Editor

Step 2 Navigate to Page Template pane, select Post Form like the following screenshot:

Select Page Template

Step 3 Add the Page to Menu.

Navigate to Appearance >> Menus, find the pane titled Pages, click on ” View All” link. Here you add Front-end Editor page which you have just created from Step 2 to Menu.

Add Front-end Editor to Menu

Here is what it looks like at front-end:

Front-end Editor at Front-end