DW Kido theme supports 3 sidebars: Left Sidebar, Sidebar Bottom Left and Sidebar Bottom Right.

Sidebar Positions

1. Sidebar Bottom Left

On our demo site, we have used plugin named DW Twitter to display latest tweets from Twitter. Below is our instruction to install and configure out DW Twitter.

Step 1 Install DW Twitter plugin. Just go to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New. Under Search box on the right side, type DW Twitter.

Search Plugin

After searching, click on Install Now button to start installing the plugin. Upon installation, always remember to activate it.

Install DW Twitter plugin

Step 2 Add DW Twitter plugin to Sidebar Bottom Left.

Located to Appearance >> Widgets. Drag and drop DW Twitter widget to Sidebar Bottom Left.

Drag DW Twitter to Sidebar

Step 3 Configure DW Twitter widget.
1. Go to Twitter Developer and create a new application (if you don’t have any yet) at https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new. Once you have your own app, you will have Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret at OAuth Settings.

2. Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets. Drag & Drop DW Twitter widget to your Sidebar.
3. Input your Twitter app’s Consumer Key & Consumer Secret

4. Check in the boxes if you want show follow button, account info and user avatar.

This is how the Twitter widget should look like at the front-end.

Latest Tweets

2. Sidebar Bottom Right

We are installing WP Instagram Widget  to show latest images from your Instagram.

Step 1 Install the plugin.

Just navigate to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New. Under Search box, type WP Instagram Widget.

Search Wp Instagram Widget Plugin

Now, hit Install Now button to install the plugin. Once done, activate the plugin.

Install WP Instagram Widget Plugin

Step 2 Add WP Instagram Widget to Sidebar

Go to Appearance >> Widgets, drag and drop Instagram widget to Sidebar Bottom Right.

Add Instagram Widget to Sidebar

Here is what it looks like at front-end:

Images from your Instagram