Redirect Login when Error on DWQA login form
ResolvedDominic commented 1 year ago
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How to show logout & logout?
Resolvedjpregullano commented 1 year ago
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How to display avatar on the side of the question like this site here?
Resolvedjpregullano commented 1 year ago
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DWQA suddenly disappeared
ResolvedDo An Duy commented 1 year ago
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Database question
ResolvedDominic commented 2 years ago
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ResolvedDominic answered 4 years ago • 
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Answered vs. Open
Resolvednancys13 answered 2 years ago
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You have broken greek support at the latest notifications.php
ResolvedAngelos Kyritsis answered 2 years ago
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DWQA and DWQA pro
Resolved commented 2 years ago
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Clearing the question form after submission
Resolvedsteve89 answered 2 years ago
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Problem with anonymous answer (DWQA pro)
Resolvedsteve89 answered 2 years ago
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Switching from a static site to WordPress
Resolveddhruvsharma answered 3 years ago • 
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Only one answer every 24h ! Why ?
Resolvedpierre commented 2 years ago
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Translation for DW Magz (dw-magz.pot ?)
Resolvedpierre answered 2 years ago
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