You have broken greek support at the latest notifications.php
ResolvedAngelos Kyritsis answered 6 years ago
1164 views2 answers0 votes
Bug with get_stylesheet_directory in \inc\Template.php
ResolvedDominic answered 6 years ago
902 views1 answers0 votes
How can I exclude DWQA pro from W3 total Cache?
AnsweredDominic answered 6 years ago
1681 views1 answers0 votes
A couple of bugs with notification emails on DWQA Pro
AnsweredKevin commented 7 years ago
1157 views1 answers0 votes
New Greek Translation files
AnsweredKevin commented 7 years ago
1022 views1 answers0 votes
The paragraph formating doesn’t remain after editing an answer
AnsweredDominic commented 7 years ago • 
1658 views1 answers0 votes
The {answer_link} often won’t work for the email
AnsweredMaurice Green answered 7 years ago • 
2040 views5 answers0 votes
Why won’t you include the Greek translation I made for you?
AnsweredDominic answered 7 years ago • 
1882 views2 answers0 votes
I don’t get any paragraphs on the latest version 1.4.3
OpenDominic answered 8 years ago • 
1735 views1 answers0 votes
Can I block my users from deleting their questions?
OpenAngelos Kyritsis answered 8 years ago • 
1977 views2 answers0 votes
Problem with the custom post type on version
ResolvedKevin answered 8 years ago • 
1763 views5 answers0 votes
Can’t change language on 1.3.4
ResolvedDominic answered 8 years ago • 
1833 views1 answers0 votes
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