Introducing DW Shortlinks – Free WordPress Plugin to Create Short & Clean URLs

In the process of building WooBeginner – a side project of DesignWall related to WooCommerce. We have decided to develop a plugin for WordPress called DW Shortlinks to create inbound & outbound links but still use your own domain. At the same time, you can tracking how many clicks on that link. After complete, we decided to release it for free on to contribute more to the WordPress community. And to help those who have the same needs are able to use and add more ideas to make this product become impeccable.

DW Focus 1.2.6 is back – DW Mega Menu and more

We are pleased to announce that our new DW Focus 1.2.6 has been released and is available for download today. In addition to compatibility update with WordPress 4.3 Billie, a new DW Mega Menu plugin and revamped theme setting panel have been included.

Brand new DW Megamenu

As planned in our DW Focus 1.2.0 release, we have just built from the ground up a new Mega Menu plugin dedicated for DW Focus theme.

We tried to make DW MegaMenu dead simple that can work seamlessly with WordPress default UI while solving the need of adding a versatile navigation to your site. A few features brought to you in DW MegaMenu: Continue

The Plugins You Need to Create a News Site with WordPress

WordPress represents the ideal publishing platform for news websites. Although there are some limitations when using WordPress out-of-the-box, there is an extensive array of plugins available that are capable of adding the required functionality for a large, multi-author publishing platform.

Keeping the WordPress core as lean and fast as possible should be your overall objective in order to present the best user experience. To accomplish this, you need to select an appropriate theme for a news-based site such as our DW Focus Theme combined with plugins that provide the appropriate functionality without sacrificing performance.

DW Focus - Responsive News Theme
DW Focus – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine Theme


The differences between WordPress Discussion Forums and Question and Answer Boards

If you want to add an interactive section to your website, where your visitors can post content and have other visitors respond to that content, then there are a few different solutions that could help you achieve this.

One popular option could be to add a discussion forum to your website, while the other option could be to add a question and answer section. While these two modes of discussion do share many similarities, they are also different in enough ways to make them better suited than the other, for use in certain scenarios.

In this post we will help you decide whether a discussion forum or a question and answer section would be a better addition to your website. We will also cover two of the best plugins available for adding either option to your WordPress website. By the end of this article you should be ready to get started and add the right type of discussion area to your website.